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                Service Hotline£º 400-0032-177
                Home > Market Areas > Petrochemical
                The business is related to the new construction, expansion and transformation of the petroleum and chemical industry factories, equipment inspection and heavy repair of the current factories. The company provides the integrated solution for large equipment hoisting.

                Haiwan has a good relationship with the enterprises in the China petroleum and chemical industry. The hoisting equipment across the country could save the transferring cost for the customers, who can assemble the refining equipment in the workshop or construction site. The professional lifting technology could guarantee the safety of the construction. Haiwan Hoisting could provide the integrated solution of hoisting scheme, foundation treatment, sling selection, production and hoisting construction.

                Service items:
                ¡ñConstruction of new petrochemical factories
                ¡ñRebuilding and expansion of current petrochemical factories
                ¡ñInspection and heavy repair of the current petrochemical factories
                ¡ñOil pipeline laying
                ¡ñInstallation of kinds of equipment
                Haiwan Hoisting in the world